Construction (2007/2008)

Base Plate on Pier

Checking Front

Checking Front Door

Close-up of Base Plate

Work Station

Close View Pier

Concrete Dry

Roof Open

Final-Fold-Wall Solution

Fold-Down Closed


Finished Front

Finished East Side


First Folding-Wall Solution

Gaurding South

Guard Dog

Guarding West

Hold DownLatch

Pier hole-location

Hole Location2

Pier Hole

Installing Roof

Lacking Skirts

Pier Hole just Lots of Rock

Modified Fold Down

Open Roof

Open Roof from North

Open Roof from SW

Open Roof Latch

Open SW View

You Are Invited

Pier Almost Done

Pier and ThreeWalls

Ready for Roof

Rails in Place

Raw Finish

Ready to remove forms

Ready for Rails

Roller and Skirt

Skirt Construction

Start on Walls

Wheel and Latch

View from Pond

Three Walls Done

Through Front Door

Unfinished South Wall

View to South

Welding South Side

Welded Roof and Rollers

Welded Wheel

Welding South Roof Perlin


Working on Roof